Mat is finally being fabricated

Maria setting up the jig for our inlays.


Removing the jig.

Cutout ready to insert LEDs and acrylic

Arduino testing

From left: Hall effect sensor, N type FET, Sound impact sensor, LED strip, Magnet

Test layout, pull up resistors are new to me but good to have.

Visiting Jon and Sara again to check out the new house

The lone cabinet left in the house.

Admiring the potential of the white wall in the new house.

Light pipe floor inlays... awesome

Micaela marking the acrylic to length.

Score and snap, score and snap, thats how making inlays goes.

Side lit acrylic inlays ... yeah I want it in my floor.

Testing time to heat for different floorings

Heated blanket.

Carpet, tile, wood, and enginnered wood products awaiting testing.

Testing different surfaces on the heated mat. It is folded to match the heat output per square foot of our heating mat.

Temperature probe under the tile taking a reading.

Reverse brainstorming with Eugene Shtien and a Visit to Jon and Sarahs

ideas some good some bad

figuring out what is important out of all those ideas

At Jon and Sarah's house

Tank-less water heater

Makes me think crawl spaces should not be an option on new houses....

Visiting the power house

The power house.

All of us in the attic, well lit because of the huge window put into the side of the roof.

PV panel that provided the power to run the projector.

Energy storage.

Realizing how much energy the projector used.....

Sign for the tree farm

A pepper garden that consumes a back yard.

I'm not sure how you convince your friends to let 20 strangers into your house but John is familiar with such magic.

Sweet siding

Hole in the roof cut to put the fire out, now a Sweeet skylight.